Android Mentorship Program

The Android Mentorship Program is in BETA!

Remotely getting #ShitDone!

I remember my initial steps in the software development world… If you have ever played minecraft or a survival game without knowing much then you probably know some of the usual suspects such as being uncertain, scared and/or confused about the path. Sometimes, we just need an expert to point us in the right direction.

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to help people, that is, as long as they want to of course. This is one of the things I genuinely love and enjoy doing. Those two have been my fuel, and my #actions have converted it into inspiration and motivation.

I initially opened the program 100% #free, no money involved BUT we made a deal and one of the terms was that when the #students get a job in this sector they would then help someone else in a similar way I helped them. Also, they are getting the below:

– A #mentor that is also #funny #thoughtful and #professional

– Build a real project from scratch to Playstore release and that counts as work experience

– Work in a team

– Learn what I learned through years of experience

– Guidance at getting a job as a software developer

More info in the near #future!

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