NEW feature — Play & WIN Real Money — PIG Tails 2048 Brain Training Puzzle

Collect at least 6 stars in ‘Adventure Mode’ to unlock ‘WIN Real Money’ and enter the competition.

PrograMonks introduces a new exciting feature. The initial release of the game was done somewhere in February 2020 and recently this new feature was born, where the users can WIN Real Money by downloading and competing against other players in this free puzzle brain training game on Google Play Store.

“Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.” ―Bill Russell

For many years, we’ve known that physical exercise keeps our bodies strong and now scientific evidence suggests that mental exercise keeps our brains young. Studies shows that you may improve your mental fitness by playing brain training games.

💰 WIN REAL MONEY — Watch out! This is a very challenging Competition with REAL CASH prizes. (This is NOT gambling, it’s a Competition, and it’s free to enter and play)

The latest feature WIN Real Money is based on how well the players play to be able to compete with the other players.

1st Winner prize is 50$ and 2nd Winner prize is merchandise from

PIG Tails Shop.

Sign in with Google and Get to tile 2K with as few swipes as possible. You can check your progress on the leaderboard!

MonkkeyBiz Shop

Note: Winners will be contacted via email on the date of the announcement, currently 31/09/2020 (date is subject to change).

Other Game Features:

🧳 Adventure Mode — Collect stars to unlock the next levels of the game. Each country has an amazing music theme which helps you relax and enjoy whilst playing.

🃏Sandbox Mode — Gives you the flexibility to customize your game the way you prefer choosing from grid size, game target and how many cards to be released each swipe.

🎇Souvenir Mode — Join the cards and unlock souvenirs from each country. The cards now contain these souvenirs, a different feeling for your experience, we hope!

🧭Survival Mode — Join the cards and survive as many flights as you can!

🔐Gallery — Earn miles to unlock unique awesome artwork about our cute little pig, which you can also share with friends.

HOW TO PLAY the game:
 Slide the tiles and merge them to get to each level goal. Each level has different goal and it becomes very challenging level by level.
 When there are no more empty spaces and no adjacent tiles with the same value, the game ends.

 1.Work your way towards a corner and keep the largest numbers there
 2. Always make moves where multiple tiles merge first
 3. Plan ahead

📲 Download Android Game here

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